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I.C R. Giovagnoli, Monterotondo, Italy

Celebrating the Erasmus+ day-Poster




September ’17 activity at Italian Primary School

Autumn equinox

Light, dark and shadows

Do you know Talete di Mileto? He was an anciet Greek philosopher, matematician and astronomer. He observed the sky and discovered many things about Astronomy, he calculated the duration of the year and timings of equinoxes and solstices.

As Talete the students observed the world around: they recorded observations of the Sun’s apparent motion or path using shadows landmarks as a basis for their recordings during daytime.

Students also read myths about equinox and time:  the myth of Demetra and Persephone, and the story of Cronos. Many artistic products have been made with different technicians and on different materials, the students have used the technique of “chiaroscuro”.

September ’17 activity at Italian School

steam september activity

September’17 activity photo gallery

September ’17 Power Point Activity


October ’17 activity at Italian Primary School

A month after the Autumn equinox

The students measured again shadows using landmarks at the same times of the same day for three times: the shadows now are shortened and joining with a line the three points that delimit the landmarks shadows, it has become more curved than before.

In this way pupils have become aware of the apparent motion of the Sun and the Earth’revolution.

Moving shadows on PhotoPeach

October’17 activity photo gallery



November’17 activity at Italian Primary School


The students of 5° grade discover the electrostatic energy and the electric current; how the atom is formed, what protons and electrons are; chemical and photovoltaic elements of the current. They build a stack and, in the next workshop they will understand how a photovoltaic panel works approaching the solar system.


Steam activity on PhotoPeach



Stack on PhotoPeach“>

November’17 activity photo gallery

Logo Contest at Secondary School 

Secondary School Logo Contest Photo Gallery


December ’17 activity at Italian Primary School


Winter solstice

On December 21st, students measured the shadow cast by the Sun on the ground, several times a day for one more time.

The shadow has moved and made a rather obvious curve with respect to the autumn equinox .… so, the Earth moves!

Winter Solstice Photo Gallery

 The Sun

We have been studying the Sun. Here we observe it using the tools invented by grandfather Giulio, the small obscured telescopes.

The Sun Photo Gallery




January ’18 activity at Italian Primary School

Light is one of the strand units in Energy, so children are encouraged to become aware of aspects of light such as night and day, shadows and colour.

  • Children investigate light in many aspects.
  • They break white light into the colours of the spectrum and discover how it interacts with different materials.
  • They learn about light energy and become aware of the dangers of excessive sunlight.
  • They investigate the reflection of light and start to investigate what happens when light travels through transparent materials.
  • Finally, children can make light shades, model periscopes and telescopes. This is great fun!
  • Have a look!!!


February ’18 activity at Italian Primary School

Secondary school activity 

Shadows, half light and darkness in the universe!

To see an object means to receive the light it transmits to our eyes. Light has so many properties and characteristics which we have discovered and experimented.

Shadows, half light and darkness in the universe, Google presentation

Have a look!!!!!

March ’18 activity at Italian Secondary School

Using shadows to measure distances and time
Pupils have learnt a “handy way” to measure length and angles observing tracking shadows. They also measured the passing time and have finally built a Sundial to determinate time using shadows.


Power point on the above activity

April’18 activity at Italian Secondary School


Activity 1




Let’s start … let’s STEAM “The Universe in a tube”
The importance of the local horizon and the relativity of the chosen observation point are the basis for the systematic observation of the sky. The “astronomical windows” allow us to observe the stars of the sky during the day and at night and to understand how the World turns. Here follows a link to the ppt:
October’18 photo gallery
November’18 activity at Italian Primary School
Discovering Constellations
November’18 activity at Italian Secondary School
Workshop about “Light Reflection”
December’18 activity at Italian Secondary School
Workshop about “Refraction”
January – February 2019 Activities
Italian Primary and Secondary School
The ICT Workshop for the two first months of January and February was focused on pixel art, coding lab and Scratch for students and teachers, payning attention to T “Technology” from our S.T.E.A.M. project.
Here is a link to the workshop video:
January February activities photo gallery







STEAM in Torrejon de Ardoz,  2018
STEAM in Monterotondo, 2018
STEAM week in Italy March 2019
STEAM spring camp 2018


STEAM in Tabivere 2019
4th L.T.T.A. in the 6th Primary School of Egaleo, Greece
Here are the following activities that took place in Egaleo, Greece and our Italian pupils, participated:
School Year 2019-2020
Steam Activities

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